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What we do
Acquisition of oil & gas leases

Mineral Resources has a long history of taking oil and gas leases and is still actively engaged in the leasing process.  We work with owners to ensure clean title, initiate curative work, and conduct extensive economic analysis to facilitate fair transactions.  The relationships we build with the owners we take leases with are paramount to our company’s success.  

Production of Oil and Gas Leases

As both an operator and non-operator, Mineral Resources invests in core assets.  An integration of top tier software systems allow us to produce high quality financial reporting. 

Development of Oil and Gas

Specializing in urban drilling, the coordination between regulatory bodies, municipalities and citizens is paramount to our organization.  Mineral Resources genuinely cares about the communities where we live and work.

Purchase Mineral Rights

Since its formation, Mineral Resources has purchased minerals and overrides in highly productive areas.  We take pride in making sure we pay the fair market value for any purchase made.


Mineral Resources has created long-standing relationships with its investors by providing creative and disciplined deal structures and performing as promised. As we grow our family office, we continue to welcome more partners in our continued expansion.